Auckland Suit Hire: Unbeatable Quality and Price – Auckland CBD | Queen Street | High Street or Albany

Tailor Made Suit, Auckland CBD, Queen street, Auckland, North Shore, ALbany, Local Business, Fully Tailoring, Made to measure, ready to wear, suits

Looking to hire a suit for your next event, whether in Auckland or near by cities? Whether formal or semi-casual or even casual, you can always count on us and our suit hire range to make you look good in the crowd. Now open in Auckland Centre Queen Street / High Street and Albany. As…

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Reasons to Hire a Suit for Your Wedding

Wedding suit hire

Everybody wants to have a unique outfit for their wedding. Most of the common wedding mistakes is that you should purchase everything that you needed for the wedding. By doing this you may be overspending on your intended budget, when there are other options that you can consider. Such as going to your leading suit…

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Rules for a Black-Tie Dress Code

Black-tie events are usually reserved for very special occasions like elegant balls and high profile weddings. While there are many events that no longer require men to meet this black-tie format you can still hire formal suits and there are numerous leading suit hire stores that will provide for such an occasion. It is important…

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Why Hiring a Suit is a Good Idea?

Hire Suits

As the need for fashionable formal suits becomes more popular for men the question of choosing suit hire for weddings will come up more and more frequently. Most men prefer to have a solid selection of fashionable suits to choose from that are stylish but not an overwhelming amount of choices. Here are the Reasons…

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12 Men Suits Style and Tips Everyone Must Know

Men Suits Style

Whether you have your dream wedding, a corporate job or even managing your own business, men’s suits are necessary in order to be more casual and professional. It will help you make a good impression, wearing the appropriate kind of suit defines a man’s character and stature. So it is important that you are well…

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Made-to-measure Vs Bespoke: When Pure Readiness Vs Pure Uniqueness

tall groom

Made-to-measure Vs Bespoke: When Pure Readiness Vs Pure Uniqueness Shopping at TMS indicates that you’re after style, quality and even more so, wearing comfort. Thus it’s a must to know what benefits bespoke clothing has. Today, we’re hearing the word “BESPOKE” used more often in the U.S. This is just the British term for custom clothing, meaning…

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The Essential Guide to Hiring the Right Suit

Hire Professional Tailor Made Suits

Why would you need this essential guide to hiring the right suit? Most modern men enjoy being original and creating a personal take on their suits. A suit can make or break a look. Sharply dressed men use their own tailor made suits that fit them perfectly. However, most tailors charge far more for fitted…

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Tailored Suit vs Suit Hire For Wedding

Large wedding group

Tailored suit vs suit hire for your wedding? Is it worth it? Do we really need it? Will I ever use it again? The inner conflict of every man regarding whether to tailor make a suit or not has been a big question for a lot of grooms, and not just one. Even more so for the…

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