Tailored Suit vs Suit Hire For Wedding

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Tailored suit vs suit hire for your wedding?

Is it worth it? Do we really need it? Will I ever use it again? The inner conflict of every man regarding whether to tailor make a suit or not has been a big question for a lot of grooms, and not just one. Even more so for the brides. So, at TMS we’ve pointed out some pros and cons for you to consider the 2 options.

Suit tailoring:

  1. Cost is always an issue. It is very expensive to tailor suits for groomsmen, despite its extraodinary look, compared to hiring one.
  2. Don’t know where to solve the problem: Lots of grooms have come to us in desperation, spending time and money running around. But, WE CAN HELP. For the same amount you pay to most places for ready-to-wear suits, we give you a tailored-option. Fill out a short form here and we will show you current promotions for wedding group.
  3. Time: It takes an average of 2-3 weeks for the bespoke suit to be done and delivered, with no clear knowledge of whether any alterations would be required.
  4. Also we can tell you some tips in negotiations. At the end of the day, you want everyone to look best at your weddings. For the same budget that you would otherwise pay for suit hire elsewhere, you could look at tailoring options and ask the groomsmen to pay for some of the cost. They will end up owning a tailored suits they can use for later , which will be handy. Two birds one stone for sure.
  5. Peace of mind is another thing. You would like to have all the suits done, fitted, and keep it in your closet until the wedding date, to make sure no one will use it for something silly.

Suit hires: If you are fixed to get suits hired:

  1. Sizes is always an issue. There is only a handful of companies now in New Zealand that make their own suit for hires to make sure it looks good, fit nice, and are high quality. Most would have purchased it from elsewhere.
  2. Sure but we can help. We built our own sizes, and have our tailoring team hand made them. Many have come in to try our own suit hire range and said they never tried elsewhere that fits them better. Also most of our suits are new and we will recycle them each year – unlike others that will keep them forever, it is how they make there income. This way we can make sure you look great on your hired suits, any day of the week.
  3. Check out our suit hire page here.
  4. You get peace of mind in return. You just have to make sure you organise people to pickup the suits in time, pay for the bonds. Then making sure they do not damage it during the wedding event, then returning it on time in good shape to get the bonds back. And any last minute things before the wedding will be time consuming, you dont want to drive around picking up stuffs while dead-worried if they need any amendments or modification
  5. Confirmation. Make sure the company you deal with have good system in place so they do not rent out your suits to somebody else on or before the day. That means the suit must be clean, ironed and well-prep

Good news: we do allow our wedding groups to pick up a few days in advance and drop off a few days after, at the same cost as one day hire. So you do not have to worry about getting up early after the wedding date to return the suits, more peace of mind for you, more quality time with your beloved.

No wedding is too big or too small for us, and we can work around your budgets to design the best solution, whether it is tailoring or suit hires.