How do I make a booking?

Please make an online booking here, selecting the service you are after. It will shows you our availability for each location.

For Wellington and Christchurch customers, our tours booking will only show once location and dates are all confirmed.

I am living in Wellington/Christchurch. How do I get the measurement?

We travel down every 5-6 weeks (Pre-covid). Check out ‘Tours’ tab in our website for more details about our next trip. If you would like to see us in the next tours, please email us your contact details so we can add you to the mailing list.

Prior to coming down, we will let everyone know in advance, with our location, and a link to make bookings. If you need alterations after receiving your garments, we will also email you so you can book to come and see us again.

I am from other towns. How do I get the measurement?

We can email you the measurement form, and you get to do it yourself (not preferred) or get a local tailor / alteration person to do it for you, and send this back to us. We will make the garments according to your measurement, but will not be liable for alteration if the measurement is incorrect.

We can also arrange a Zoom session, to walk you through the measurement process.

We can send you a link to look at the colors and a style sheet so you can pick your own styles.

How long does it normally take for a suit made?

It will take 4 – 6 weeks for the suit to be ready, from the day we confirm everything.

If you need the suits within 3 weeks, a surcharge of $50 will apply for an urgent order. Note: from time to time, there are second fittings or minor adjustments needed and this will need to be outside of the 3 weeks initial timeframe.

The suit I have received does not fit me. What do I do?

10% of the time there will be some alteration required and this should be confirmed to us within 30 days. 

If your size has changed since initial measurement, a small alteration charge may apply, but we will inform you prior to commissioning the work.

As items are all hand made, there is a margin of error.

What is the time frame for alteration clothes?

Please refer to our T&C.

How can I order the suits for my wedding party?

If you would like to get a quote for a wedding group, please feel free to emails us at
sales@tailormadesuits.co.nz. There are group discounts if you order 3 or more suits for the wedding (same material).

For group booking, please select ‘group’ options in our booking form. However we suggest you come in first to check before arranging for all groomsmen to come in together. And once order is confirmed, each groomsmen can also book a time to come in themselves at either of our locations for measurement. 

Do not leave it till too late. We suggest to do it 3 months out, at least, to leave you stress free.

How much does it cost for delivery?

Our flat rate postage charge is $10NZD for Auckland region, $20NZD for the North Island and $30NZD for the South Island unless otherwise stated. Our suits are pressed and packed in a customised box, with signature required.

Special suit design?

We are able to customize most parts of each garments, for our bespoke tailoring range.

Please contact us in advance if you have any question. We suggest you to bring along or email us photos of the end products that you are looking for, so we can confirm it with you.

How do we work out our sizes and charge for it?

Large sizes may incur some surcharge. We have our own calculations, depending on amount of fabrics required and freight, accordingly. The rough calculation will be based on height/ weight/ chest size/ material chosen.

Children sizes will receive a 30% discount off the adult’s equivalent (we benchmark based on height and weight – 1.4m tall or less, weight 40kg or less).