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How do I make a booking?

Please visit our website at https://www.tailormadesuits.co.nz/booking/, you will be able to pick the most suitable time for you under “measurement” or “pick-up/alteration” option.  For Wellington and Christchurch customers, our booking schedule is only open once location and time are all confirmed.

I am living in Wellington/Christchurch. How do I get the measurement?

We come down every 5-6 weeks.  Check our ‘Tours’ tab in our website for more details about our next tours.  If you would like to see us in the next tours, please email us your contact details so we can add you to the mailing list. Before we come down, we will let you know in advance, with our location, and a link to make a booking.  If you need alterations afterwards, we will also email you so you can book to come and see us again.

I am from other towns. How do I get the measurement?
  • We can email you the measurement form, and you get to do it yourself (not preferred) or get a local tailor / alteration shop to do it for you, and send this back to us.  We will guarantee to make the clothes according to your measurement, but will not be liable for alteration if the measurement is incorrect.
  • We can also arrange a Skype session where I can walk you through the measurement process with the webcam turned on.
  • We can send you a link to look at the colours, however it will not be the exact colour in real life because even a good camera cannot capture the exact colour.
  • We will also send you a style selection sheet so you can pick your own styles.
How long does it normally take for a suit made?
  • It will take 4 – 6 weeks for the suit to be ready, from the day we confirm everything.
  • If you need the suits in 3 weeks, a surcharge of $50 will apply for an urgent order.
The suit I have received does not fit me. What do I do?
  • 10% of the time there will be some alteration required and this should be confirmed within 30 days.  If it is our error then we will alter it with no extra cost.
  • If it is from your part (e.g changing your mind from a loose to a slim fit for example, or you loose a lot of weight) then there will be a small charge – much cheaper than what you would pay normally for an alteration.
  • The end measurements of each garment will be adjusted according to the fit selected by you (slim fit, regular fit or loose).  There will always be a slight variance from the stated measurements of up to 2cm due to being hand made, not being machine made – as a customer you please acknowledge that each item you order (regardless of whether the items are from the same purchase) will not be exactly the same.  If you choose to order the clothes from your own measurements, we cannot guarantee the fit for your garments.
What is the time frame for alteration clothes?

Please refer to our T&C

How can I order the suits for my wedding party?
  • If you would like to get a quote for a wedding group, please feel free to emails us at sales@tailormadesuits.co.nz  we definitely will give you the best price.  The booking for more than 2 people for measurement, please make sure you book 2 consecutive sessions for 2 – 3 people, and 3 sessions for 4 – 6 people.
  • Do not leave it till too late.  We prefer to do it 2.5 months out at least so if there will be any alterations required we will still be able to take care of them, and leave you stress free.
How much does it cost for delivery?
  • Our flat rate postage charge is $10NZD for Auckland region, $20NZD for the North Island and $30NZD for the South Island.  The cost is high you may ask? Because unlike other firms, we will iron the whole suit for you, and then put it into a customised large box to reduce creases during the delivery process. And it is also tracked and traced, signature required. So we do not make any profit out of the shipping cost.
  • For alteration clothes, the shipping will be free of charge on the way back to you, but when you need to send the suits back to us for alteration, the postage will be covered by your own expense.
Special suit design?

We have about 7 – 10 customizations to your normal business suit, each comes with multiple options and 90% of the customers are ok with this.  However if you choose to have it fully customised (i.e. down to the tuxedo shirt’s button holes) then:

  1. There will be a surcharge for this unless you are paying the full price.  Please contact us in advance if you have any question.
  2. We will require you to bring/email us a photo of the end products that you want so we can do it accordingly.
How do we work out our sizes and charge for it?

This apply to promotions only! When we run a promotion, we will mention about extra charges for larger size, as you receive a big discount on the base price.
When we mention sizes such as XL and above, it is only a relate term so it is easier for you to relate to. Unlike off the shelf products, we have to work out how much materials are required for your suit. As this is our expertise, we will be the judge as to how much materials are required and we will charge it accordingly, only to cover the material cost.

  1. 2XL and 3 XL: this applies if any of these are true: your chest size is between 115 and 129 cm, or your hip size is between 113 and 120 cm, or the length of your trousers is between 110 and 115 cm.
  2. 4XL and above: this applies if any of these are true: your chest size is 130cm or more, or your hip size is 121 cm or more, or the length of your trousers is 116 cm or more.
  3. The above are based on our slim or regular fit. If you would like to bring your own design in, please check with us first to see if there will be extra charges for materials. (e.g. If you are a size XL, and you would like to have trousers with 3 pleats on each size, we would classify this as a 2XL order and charge you accordingly).
  4. Children sizes will receive a 30% discount compare to adult sizes (the requirement is that they are either 1.4m tall or less, or weight 40kg or less).
How does subscription model work?

We are in the process of finalising the system for this before we offer this to our customers. And example of the shirt subscription is:

  1. You decide to go with one shirt a month, or one a quarter depending on your need (we call it production cycle).
  2. We will pricing them accordingly and collect a monthly payment from you (this is the monthly billing cycle).
  3. Then at the end of each production cycle, we send you the fabric options for the month, and you can pick your next shirt up 2 weeks after that or get it delivered to you free of charge.
  4. You can stop at any time by contacting us. Note that the best time to cancel is after the finish of a production cycle as we would not be able to refund any payment made within an unfinished production cycle. (For example you have paid 2 monthly payment, and your subscription is for a shirt every quarter. It would be best to stay for another month, then get your last shirt and cancel at the same time).
Privacy policy for credit card details?

We take this very seriously.

  1. We have been approved to have merchant facility with ANZ for accepting credit card using our eftpos terminals, as well as over the phone.
  2. For online payment, we use:
    1. Paypal who is well known and have had very strong security and legal policy. All payments are processed on their website. Please check their legal policy here.
    2. Infusionsoft who is of similar scale, and is fully PCI compliant. Again all payments are processed on their website. Please check their legal policy here.
Can I cancel anytime?

The minimum duration is 12 months. Then, you can cancel at anytime provided we have receive enough payment for the last item and we will produce this last garment before we stop.

Please Note: We have designed this to help our genuine, long term customers, who need to sort out their needs regularly and with a breeze. The software is expensive so, if you don’t want to commit for a long term, please do not sign up. Once you have signed up and cancelled, we will not guarantee to be able to put you back in the program in the future.

Why would we offer this, and at a discount?

We want to plan things ahead for our production team. Having work planned in advance give us not only a steady income but smoother production. Thus we offer a discount as a reward to our customers, who we want to build a long-term relationship with.

Can I get the same discount if I pay now?

No. Because you do not have to wait for months to get the garments, you get it very quickly after the order is placed. Also, we prefer to know that we will steadily supply you with say 12 shirts during the year, rather than providing you with 4-5 shirts now and not knowing when you will return.


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