Terms and Conditions

All customers need to read and agree to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement before ordering. These terms and conditions between the customer (you) and Tailors Made Suits will be in effect until such notice of change is given.

1.  The measurements will be our own IP, and as each company will have its own method of measuring, we will not be able to give you your measurements.

2.  Time frame:

  1. As much as we try to keep our delivery times within 4-6 weeks, we cannot absolutely guarantee this for every order – being handmade and customized goods occasionally fabric will be out of stock that results in slower than usual delivery. As a guide only, our products are usually delivered within 4 weeks and during periods of peak demand this may increase to 6-7 weeks; for further information regarding Shipping please see our FAQs or Contact us.
  2. Rush order: we can occasionally accept rush order if you need the suit urgently, but some surcharge will apply. In this case we can deliver it in 2-3 weeks. Also if alteration is required, it will take extra time and if there is not enough time we will reserve the right to complete the alteration after the event you required it by. Please contact us in advance and refer below for alteration process.
  3. For wedding groups, please book at least 8 weeks in advance so that we have plenty of time and reduce any stress on your big day. We will not guarantee the suits will be ready if you leave it until last minute.

3.  The end measurements of each garment will be adjusted according to the fit selected by you (loose, regular fit and slim fit). There will always be a slight variance from the stated measurements of up to 2 cm due to being hand made – as a customer you acknowledge that each suit you order (whether the suits are from the same purchase) will not be exactly the same. Please specify your requirements during alteration, or best bring along a set of suit you have so we can base on that to create  the best fit your next suits.

4.  If you choose to do the measurements by your own or by other tailors, Tailors Made Suits cannot guarantee the fit of your garments. Please ask us to give you some measurement instructions to reduce the risk.

5.  Alterations:

  1. If alterations are required and we judge that it was our tailoring team that is at fault, we will offer free of charge alteration, replacement, or refund with an amount that we think it is fair and reasonable for any alterations. You will need to come to see us; or if you are from out of town then either wait for us to travel to your city again, or send the garments back to us with some photos and instructions on what to alter.
  2. In some cases alterations are required and we judge that the fit was correctly done according to our standard. This means either you change your mind on the fitting, or want something that is differ from the standard, or have lost/ gained some weight since measurements. We will quote you for the alterations or replacement cost, as sometime we cannot alter it locally, or a brand new garment will need to be made.
  3. Some simple alteration will be performed in Auckland and it will be within a week. Most alterations will need to be sent back to our factory and will take about 2-3 weeks to complete. These include cases where certain part of the garment need replacing. If you are outside of Auckland the process may take a bit longer.
  4. Postage to you will be covered by us, so please cover the postage to us yourself.
  5. We will only alter our own clothes within 3 weeks from the day you receive your garments, unless other arrangements are made with us.

6.   Please pickup your clothes within 6 weeks from the date we contact you to notify they are ready; unless you have communicated with us when you can pick them up. After that time frame, we reserve the right to dispose of the garments and no refund will be given.

7. Colors: Each batch of fabric will be slightly different, compare to the sample we have from the suppliers. If you have any concern please contact us before we start the production process for your garments.

8. Booking: we are entitled to cancel bookings if there is any undesirable event happens. In particular, if it is for our tours to other cities (e.g. flight change due to bad weather etc). We will inform you if this ever happen.

9. Multiple orders: if you are a new client and would like to order more than one of the same items (e.g. 2 or more shirts), our practice would be to create the first item first and make sure it fit you well. Also if there was alterations required, it will incur less cost for us. After you are happy with the first item then we can produce the rest. Of course in these cases we will try to expedite your order, however this is not a promise. Our standard time-frame will still applied, by default.

10. Suit hire: Please refer to  our suit hire policy for more information.

11. Voucher redemption: unless otherwise stated in the voucher, the following rules applied: one voucher per customer per booking only; online booking is required and voucher is to be provided during this process; voucher to be redeemed wholly in one transaction and no refund is to be provided if it is under the value of the voucher, in the case of value over the voucher’s worth, cash, eftpos, visa or master card payment is required; whether the voucher is for hire, tailoring, made to measure or ready to wear it would be identified in the voucher and it will only entitle the bearer to that product/ service only; extra charge such as delivery, large size, premium fabrics etc will be paid directly to us by cash, eftpos, visa and master card.

12. Return and refund policy:

  1. For tailoring, as it is fully tailored to your body shape and you only, return and refunds are not accepted generally. Please check our alteration conditions for putting the garments to the right fits.
  2. For made to measure, we allow you to try from our different available sizes, and will allow certain modifications to the original size. Generally there is no alteration afterward.
  3. For ready wear range, we allow you to return and refund within 7 days if there is any defect found. The garment need to be in good original condition. We will replace the garments or provide you with refunds. Note if you change your mind there will be no refund provided.
  4. For hire, if you need to cancel, we require at least 1 week notice in advance for a partial refund to be provided. (Suit hire fee minus $50 per suit, to cover administration and other costs). Exceptional circumstances are at staffs’ discretion.