Greetings. Yes, we got suits for your wedding!

Wedding suits?

If you are reading this article, good on you for researching in advance, and also for actually researching for your big day! We provide almost all of your wedding suits need at a very reasonable price.

This is the first article of our Wedding Suit Tips series – may or may not be written by a guy who has been doing his own research for his own wedding in the year of two thousand and when-I’m-ready. So, fellas, these tips are as genuine as they can be.


A bit of our company background and where our suits come from: Our family has been part of the textile industry for over 60 years. Our hometown of Hội An – Việt Nam is famous for tailoring custom suits for international visitors, often within a single day, and much of the time requiring no further alterations. With experience catering to markets from around the globe, we know the latest trends and designs. We hire the best tailors to work with us in our factory, and the most committed team to work in our New Zealand operations. We also offer a variety of fabric designs at affordable prices and travel around the country to take measurements to ensure the best fit and quality garments for our customers.

Handpicked Experienced Tailors

Each experienced tailor we pick is specialised in their own field. Therefore, we have 5 teams, each focuses on jacket, trousers, shirts, women wear, and quality control respectively. And with the amount of tourists that came through Hoi An, each of them must have done 1,000 suits before they could join our team.

So you know that you will be in good hands.

How much we have grown

Started from a garage (yes, we definitely got inspired by some billionaires out there), we upgraded our operation team to the living room after a year. 12 months later, we moved out of home and opened our first showroom in Albany and a branch in Hamilton, which has enabled us to offer a much better experience to our customers. After a year of successful business in our Albany showroom, we decided that it was time to challenge ourselves again. We officially opened our second showroom in Auckland CBD – Queen Street, which has already been bringing us a stable flow of customers.


You might have seen us at wedding shows across the country or found your way through Mr.Google – We have been actively promoting what we believe in: a good looking and high-quality suit does not have to break the bank. You can have a look at our wedding specials and be surprised at how affordable our offers are and how much you can save for your wedding budget.

Make a booking now to see us for a free consultation as well as to browse through our fabric books. If you are still at your early stage of planning, feel free to follow our Wedding Suit Tips series and we hope this will help your planning process in some way.

In the next article, we will do some discussion on fabrics, in terms of material and colour matching.