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The ultimate guide to planning
your special day

Planning For The Wedding

A wedding is a dream come true for anyone. Just imagine exchanging vows and cementing your union with the one person you love the most. However it can become a nightmare if you fail to plan. Just like any huge event, a wedding requires some smart planning. It could involve more or less than a hundred guests, a half hour to an hour ceremony, a reception and many other traditions. If planned and executed well, your wedding day will be an amazingly memorable day to start your married life. But if not it could be the most awkward. Please see some of our tips below to help make your wedding day the stuff of fairytales.


It could take six months to a year to prepare for a wedding. Much of this time includes making sure you can book and pay for all your venue, caterers, photographers, videographers and any other vendors you need. Some churches and wedding venues have the entire year fully booked in advance so take this into account as it should probably be one of the first things you do when you start organizing your wedding.

Depending on your desired date, some months are more heavily booked than others. It is best not to leave anything to chance, so take your time. We know you are excited to put that ring on her finger but don’t rush. You’ve known her for years and a little more time couldn’t hurt.


Your bride won’t expect you to be heavily involved in every aspect of the wedding. However, she will want to consult you before going ahead with making decisions so it’s good to have an idea of what she may like to discuss with you. Here are a few things that might come your way.


Flower arrangements can make or break your wedding’s overall look. Flowers are a lovely tradition because not only do they look romantic and beautiful they make everyone feel good.


What’s a ceremony without the ring? You can forget to wear socks but never forget the wedding ring. It does not have to be expensive. What’s important is you vow to love and stick to each other no matter what.


For the benefit of those who do not know, a tuxedo is a very formal and classy version of the suit. Suits can be worn in corporate environments while tuxedos are strictly for formal events like weddings and the likes. When deciding which one to wear, try to consider guests and motif.


The shoes make the man, whether you agree or not. Shoes will always be stylish, especially when rocked with either a suit or a tux. Take note of colour and style when deciding what leather to wear.


Pictures last forever, and you do not want to look like you’ve just come back from a year-long trip to the mountains on your wedding day. You don’t have to overdo it, a simple trip to your barber for a close shave can make you look like a new man on your wedding day.


This is not as easy as it sounds. Your best mates and even your brothers might all expect to have the honour of being best man. Lucky for you men are not too sensitive with the topic. It is always easy to understand the groom’s choice and the key is good communication.


After sitting through your wedding ceremony guests get hungry! Keep the speeches light and always after eating. Remember there is no better way to cap off such an exciting day with great food and a few drinks.


It is always an honour to receive a wedding invitation. Nowadays, invitations are more than a piece of folded cardboard with fancy lettering. It all boils down to how you, your bride-to-be want to set the tone of the wedding.


You wouldn’t want your wedding to look like a carnival with a sea of varying colors. It is good to have a motif, it doesn’t have to be to grand that your guests can no longer keep up. The important thing is uniformity or at least close to it.


Sometimes, even the most stringent preparation can’t prepare you for things that could go wrong. As Murphy’s law states; what can go wrong will go wrong. If things start to go south, here are a few things to remember.

Keep your cool

Remember you are not the only person celebrating the day, your wife is as well. Be the one to calm her if panic sets in. If you will both lose it over a problem, things will just go from bad to worse. Just have fun. Your paid vendors are professionals and can help solve and issues on the day.

Coordinate with your coordinator

The first person to run to is your coordinator, she is always there to help you out. Not to say you should leave all the problems to her, whatever small things you can do to improve the situation just do it. Remember two or more heads are better than one.

Ask help from closest collaborators

If things get too hot, you will need more than to pairs of hands. Usually, a groom would seek help from the groomsmen and the best man. After all, they won’t be deserving of the honour if they can’t help you out when it matters most.

Talk to the manager

Every establishment always has someone in-charge, in dealing with problems in the venue, never hesitate to seek assistance from the manager. However, do not go irate on him, remember the best assistance comes from those who are willing, and not forced to do it.

Be the assuring factor

As the groom, sometimes you need to step-up and assure the guests everything will be alright (assuming the host hasn’t done it yet). How can you handle the pressure of a married life if you cannot handle a small misfire?


In today’s world, communication is as easy as a few taps, if you have to and can call someone, take the initiative. Don’t wait for your coordinator to do everything as she is busy with the flow of the event.


YES! You’ve made it, you made past months of preparation and are now entering a new chapter. At this point, it is just you and your new wife. You are enjoying each other’s company as newlyweds. Again it all boils down to preparation and communication. This is now a testament to how you both handle decision making as a couple, consider your wife’s preference. A honeymoon does not have to be somewhere expensive, the essence of it is to spend quality time with your wife while enjoying the view. So, for those who prefer staycation, there is really nothing wrong with it. Your new home or a simple destination can be worth memories if things are handled well. Try to make these few days as memorable as possible, try to do something you’ve never done before, like bungee jump or scuba dive. Take note that a memory is usually as good as the thrill it carries when brought to mind.

Also, try not to think of problems and responsibilities while on honeymoon. For once, leave them all behind and cherish every moment you are with your new wife. It’s not every day you two get to enjoy some alone time since pretty soon, you may have kids of your own.


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