Rules for a Black-Tie Dress Code

Black-tie events are usually reserved for very special occasions like elegant balls and high profile weddings. While there are many events that no longer require men to meet this black-tie format you can still hire formal suits and there are numerous leading suit hire stores that will provide for such an occasion. It is important that if you are invited to a black-tie event you understand the style rules and etiquette to follow as it is better to be overdressed than under dressed.


Here are the Rules for a Black Tie Event:

Rule #1 – Choose Your Style

A black-tie event is a classy occasion where everyone can really look their best and for men to show off their classic suit silhouette. With this kind of outfit, the jacket should give the illusion of broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Adding a peaked lapel will do the trick for you, drawing the eye down towards your body. If you have an athletic body, a shawl lapel should be your choice and also having a single or double breasted cuts are both acceptable for a peaked or shawl lapel.

Also, take into consideration the cloth choice and its colours. Wool or wool blends in midnight blue or black are the most common selections. Your accessories should be a contrasting black grosgrain silk as well. Having variations can show your own style, and by adding other fabrics on your outfit can give it a twist and texture.

Rule #2 – Shirts

With your shirt, you can go simple and there are only two choices, a woven diamond texture or vertical lines. Opting for black buttons is a popular choice as this will break up the mass of white in your shirt and will lead the eye down to the center of the body creating a nice line and helping the silhouette. Mother of pearl are also acceptable. Always remember your cufflinks should be doubled to complete a simple and elegant look.

Rule #3 – Shoes

There are only three options in terms of shoes, the black patent, black leather or black velvet. Your shoes should be sleek and simple. Laces should be avoided or if not at least be short in length. And also stay away from buckles, straps, tassels or any other adornments and please no rouging at all.

Rule #4 – Accessories

In this area of you can have some fun and exhibit sophistication. We will specify each accessory from head to toe. First, hats should be avoided for black-tie events. The pocket square should be white silk. A bow-tie is a must and black neckties are for funerals. Going down to your waist, you don’t have to wear a belt, it can interrupt your sleek silhouette. Have a brace to hold your trousers if you are not wearing a waistcoat. With your cufflinks you can keep it simple, elegant and sophisticated. Socks should be thin black or grey socks.

Rule #5 – Etiquette

The rules are simple just being elegant and gentry, being the best you can be is always a must. Keep the conversation flowing, be polite and charming. Lastly, enjoy the event and companionship of others.

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