Munns The Man’s Store is shutting down

Munns The Man’s Store

Munns The Man’s Store

Recently we heard the sad new that Munns The Man’s Store is closing down its operations across New Zealand. We always enjoy a bit of a competition, that make for a fairer market and make us work harder every day.

Over recent years we have seen also Frank Casey suit hire and Nicholas Jermyn the shirt maker being closed down all around the country.

Several factors are in play such as the trend of casual clothing; cheap mass produces by big players like Hallenstein, H & M etc entering the market; the raise in rental and labour costs.

Where we make a different:

Suit hire

Our suit hire are designed based on over 6000 bespoke made for real New Zealand customers over the years. So the fit is better than our competition, and the price is better.


Our tailoring is the most affordable you can find in Auckland and New Zealand. Soon we will also be offering a range of fabrics from famous mills from the UK and Italy, for a fraction of what our competitors (in the tailoring market) are charging.

Off the pegs suits

Our standard sizes are of much better quality than say the like of Hallenstein. And these are made from scratch, so you can still have an option to upgrade to the more expensive fabrics for a fraction of what our competitors (in the ready wear/ make to measure market) are charging. And you can pick and choose the styling as well, so the options are limitless.

We hope to see you in the near future when your needs arrive.