The Essential Guide to Hiring the Right Suit

Hire Professional Tailor Made Suits

Why would you need this essential guide to hiring the right suit?

Most modern men enjoy being original and creating a personal take on their suits. A suit can make or break a look. Sharply dressed men use their own tailor made suits that fit them perfectly. However, most tailors charge far more for fitted suits than mass producing retailers. But don’t let that put you off the enjoyment, style and comfort of a tailored suit. Suit hire is a low cost and convenient option without compromising elegance for that special occasion. Whether it is for a black-tie event or your own wedding day, reliable suit hire stores will provide you with the best suits possible to match your measurements.

Here are some simple tips to help find the right suit for you.

Rule # 1: Get the right fit for your body

It used to be that stores could only provide frumpy fitting suits for men to hire. But these days due to consumer demand and competition, there will always be a suit hire store that may fulfill your measurements and special requirements. At TMS we have a vast collection of suits and fabrics that can work for your body type.

Rule # 2: Match the tone of the occasion

Suits for hire available from your chosen store should be appropriate attire for the occasion. The suit should fit in the type of event you are attending. If you have an outdoor event or a daytime wedding light-colored suits are perfect. Evening affair? No problem. Men should opt for black or darker-colored suits. Hired black-tie suits or tuxedos are the way to go. Attending a more top notch event? Then, white-tie is are great option as well. White-tie calls for a black tailcoat, a white shirt, together with a white tie. Ultimately, check your invitation for specifics on the dress code or ask other guests what they intend to wear to the event.

Rule # 3: Wedding suit hire should complement the bride’s dress

For a groom, this is a milestone life event and you wouldn’t want your bride to agonize and have a fashion police on your special day. This is the best day to show off your fashion sense as a couple. You may like to check with your bride prior to the big day so you have to hire wedding suits company to get knowledge that you are on the same page or not.

Rule # 4: Accessories bring the look together

It is all in the details. Suit hire alone may not provide all the needed accessories for the occasion. You can spice up things by adding a special boutonniere, a tie, a vest, a pair of cufflinks in a style that match your suit. If the wedding has a two-colored theme, the groom may opt to use one color and the other one would be for the groomsmen. You can also add some personality to the total look. If you are a pilot, you may want a plane cufflink or a boutonniere, or if he is a Superman fanatic, why not try a Superman cufflinks! Don’t be afraid to explore, confidence will always be the key make you stand out from the crowd.