12 Men Suits Style and Tips Everyone Must Know

Men Suits Style

Whether you have your dream wedding, a corporate job or even managing your own business, men’s suits are necessary in order to be more casual and professional. It will help you make a good impression, wearing the appropriate kind of suit defines a man’s character and stature. So it is important that you are well suited and always ready for any occasions that are coming your way.

Here are the 12 Men Suits Style and Tips:

1. Perfect Fit

When selecting your suit, make sure that your shoulder fits perfectly since the shoulder part of the suit is difficult and expensive to tailor.

TIP: Lean against a wall and make sure the shoulders of the jacket don’t touch the wall before shoulders do. A perfect fitting jacket has no shoulder divots or upper arm wrinkles.

2. Right Collar

If you want to prevent your shirt collar in tucking inside your jacket when sitting you need to adjust the shirt collar about ¼” above the jacket.

3. Collar Gap

Having a gap between your lapels and shirt collar means your jacket doesn’t fit perfectly.

4. Jacket Sleeves

This sleeve should expose about an inch or half an inch of your shirt cuff.

5. Pant Break

Pant breaks are a matter of preferences depending on your style and gives you a different vibe.

No Break: Clean and modern.
Slight Break: tailored but not too flashy.
Medium Break: Conservative and gentlemanly
Full Break: Old-school and stand out.

6. British Style

A suit jacket with two back vents is more fashionable and distinguishes as higher quality and sophisticated standard suit.

7. Tie Rule

Your tie should barely touch your waistband or you can just adjust it to be slightly shorter.

TIP: Wear a tie dimple. It’s a planned imperfection that will make you stand out.

8. Tie Bar

The tie width should match your lapel width. The tie bar should not be wider that the tie

9. Vest

It is advisable that you match vest with a single-breasted suit, so that the vest will not be hidden.

TIP: Never fasten the bottom button on your vest or jacket.

10. Pocket Squares

Having a pocket square adds a layer of personality on your suit. Make sure the fabric and pattern is different on your tie.

TIP: Your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

11. Socks

Wear socks long enough that no leg is exposed when you sit.

12. Accessories

Don’t over accessorize your suit. Use only one or two at most if the accessories are both subtle.

For generations, men suits are considered the new generation knights armor, something you want to wear when you want to look and feel you’re very best. Trust your personal taste to find and select the perfect suit that portrays and define your personality.