Shirt – Tie – Suit and how to combine them (Part 2)

Shirt – Tie – Suit Combination (Part 2) So, we have guided you through the first post of Shirt-Tie-Suit combination, with the focus on white shirt – the most common colour in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Today, let us have a look at some other less common colours and how to mix them with your current…

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Shirt – Tie – Suit and how to combine them

The Complete Guide to Shirt, Tie and Suit Combinations Whilst corporate wear tends to be traditionally defined, your clothing choices should be anything but boring. With this in mind we bring you a complete guide to men’s shirt, tie and suit colour combinations that will help you to stand out from the crowd in a good way….

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Suit Rules Every Groom Should Know

Tailor Made Suit, Auckland CBD, Queen street, Auckland, North Shore, ALbany, Local Business, Fully Tailoring, Made to measure, ready to wear, wedding

Every couple wants to look the best during their big day. Usually the bride is the one who is meticulous in regards to their looks, but the groom should be on point as well. There are several simple rules for the ideal look that every groom should follow to look stunning on their wedding day….

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12 Men Suits Style and Tips Everyone Must Know

Men Suits Style

Whether you have your dream wedding, a corporate job or even managing your own business, men’s suits are necessary in order to be more casual and professional. It will help you make a good impression, wearing the appropriate kind of suit defines a man’s character and stature. So it is important that you are well…

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Made-to-measure Vs Bespoke: When Pure Readiness Vs Pure Uniqueness

tall groom

Made-to-measure Vs Bespoke: When Pure Readiness Vs Pure Uniqueness Shopping at TMS indicates that you’re after style, quality and even more so, wearing comfort. Thus it’s a must to know what benefits bespoke clothing has. Today, we’re hearing the word “BESPOKE” used more often in the U.S. This is just the British term for custom clothing, meaning…

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