Shirt – Tie – Suit and how to combine them (Part 2)

Shirt – Tie – Suit Combination (Part 2)

So, we have guided you through the first post of Shirt-Tie-Suit combination, with the focus on white shirt – the most common colour in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Today, let us have a look at some other less common colours and how to mix them with your current suit.

Blue Shirts / Grey Suit Combination

For powder blue shirts and grey suiting, you will want to distinguish between your shirt and your tie. The best way to do this for this combination is to opt for a navy, which is still within the same colour family but it is distinctive from a powder blue shirt. Try out silks for added shine and knitted ties for a bit more texture. Alternatively, opt for pinks and violets to add variation, without straying too far from your colour story.

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Blue Shirts / Tan Suit Combination

The best way to annotate a tan suit with a blue shirt is to stick to the classics. You’re working with some opposing tones, so it is best to keep things conservative. Deeper scarlet ties will do just that, offering a bit of diversity when you don a blue shirt with a tan suit. Also consider patterned ties in classic colours which will lend a preppy edge to a well tailored neutral suit when paired with a blue shirt.

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Blue Shirts / Navy Suit Combination

The trick to pulling off lighter blue shirts under deeper blue suiting is to diversify your look, adding ties in different prints and patterns. This will allow your tie to be the focal point, as opposed to just blending in. Stripes work well and are classic, but also consider a darker tartan to tie your look together. For a failsafe look that is hard to fault, go for deep crimson ties to stand out amongst the shades of blue.

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Pink Shirt / Navy Suit Combination

Pink shirts are the perfect accompaniment to navy suits, so keep in mind that working with similar tones will complement this colour combination. For a safer interpretation, opt for a matching textured navy tie, like crotchet versions, which will reference your suit, but add a bit more diversity to your look. Mid-tone pinks may also work well, but ensure they are darker than your shirt. Alternatively, opt for ties in stripes or plaids that feature classic tones to play off this colour combination.

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Pink Shirt / Grey Suit Combination

A deep purple or sandy violet will complement the tones of pink in your shirt and also correspond well with the neutrality of a grey suit. We note that as usual, tailoring should be exceptionally done especially with these colours to modernise such looks

pink shirt grey suit TMS tailor made auckland hamilton

Pink Shirts / Tan Suit Combination

Try playing off the warm neutral tones that a tan suit provides, and opt for dusty browns. The warmth of brown will also complement a softer pink, so your palette will correspond well with all the components of your outfit.


Checked Shirt

For checks, opt for ties in bolder colours and patterns to ensure that it will stand out against your shirt. The trick is to make your tie the statement. With subtle print shirts, you can get away with more vivid prints and patterns. Just ensure that your tie is bolder and darker than your shirt, to ensure there is distinction between your apparel

checked shirt

Striped Shirt

Striped shirts obviously work with plainer ties, but also consider mixing it up with striped ties to contrast the print of your shirts. The key to perfecting this combination is to ensure that the stripes in your ties and shirts are not the same width, because contrast is what you should go for. A thicker striped tie will correspond well with a thinner striped shirt. Also, more subtle prints like smaller polka dots can also work well to complement striped shirts

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