Suit Rules Every Groom Should Know

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Every couple wants to look the best during their big day. Usually the bride is the one who is meticulous in regards to their looks, but the groom should be on point as well. There are several simple rules for the ideal look that every groom should follow to look stunning on their wedding day.

Here is the Suit Rules Every Groom Should Know:

Lapel Width

The current, high-street trend is for the lapel to have a narrow and sleek look. Having a tailored suit you can choose the width lapel that you desire. Narrow width gives a stylish and fashionable look gives a unique and timeless look. However, if you go with the wide lapels it is considered as a traditional style.

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are not commonly used for suits but it’s making a comeback. From its plain block colours, to a more complex pattern and textured fabrics. Pocket squares add a complementary colour to your suit. Folding it into a neat line giving it into a classic style or scrunch it up and have a fuller hanky look. The pocket square is also a great way to tie together the colour theme of the wedding.

Body Built

It is extremely important to take into consideration your body type, because this is the basis of your suit.

Colour Ideas

Going for a seasonal suit colour is not a bad idea for your wedding day. There are numerous trends that are setting in suit colors such as a vintage coloring and styling, as well as earth toned fabrics. But also there are fool-proof suit colors such as grey, navy and black. And always remember that the cloth colour should match your skin tone.

Belt Wideness

Even though it we seldom notice the importance of our belt it also gives statement on your style. Narrow belts give extra stylish looks, and also you can’t go wrong with a clean simple look on your trousers.

Vent Types

Single vented jackets are the most common for suits, while a double breasted one should always have a double vent.

Unbuttoning Your Jacket

Always keep in mind when sitting down to unbutton your jacket to avoid a crumpled one when you stand.

Sock Lengths

In terms of socks you can go for a short one during summer and a long sock during the winter season. Also, there are numerous grooms who give up socks completely. Deciding on wearing a short and long socks or not is up to your style.

If you are searching to hire a tailor made wedding suits in your city that can give your wedding day look a boost then you are on the right place. Just following these simple rules, but the outcome of your suit style will be up to you and how you spend your special day with your special someone.