Goodbye 2016

What a year it was – goodbye 2016.

Our first son arrived, just before new year eve, and a few months later we moved from home-based into our new showroom in Albany – Auckland. Then 6 months later we opened up in Hamilton.

Tyler is now the smallest person we have tailored for.

Kid suitdoyle-trinh-low-res

Thus you don’t see me going down to Wellington and Christchurch in the last 12 months. Hopefully soon. I really enjoyed the sessions we have down there.

Sammy is now away back in Viet Nam getting married.


Tony and Sammy is still around working hard.

tony-nguyen alice-pham

Thanh and his family has relocated from Howick to Hamilton to run our showroom down there.


Lot of changes, but for the better. We look forward into 2017 which hopefully will be a steady year of growing.