How to Do a Tie

Tying your tie might be a little bit confusing especially if you are not sure in what you are doing. Fortunately, it is easy to learn and master the art of tying a tie. You’ll just need a little patience and your tie can end up as neat as possible.


Follow these steps:

1. Begin by standing in front of a mirror with your tie in hand and the shirt you are wearing buttoned to the top.

2. Now raise your shirt collars and wrap the tie around your neck.

3. Place the thick part of the tie in either left or right hand depending if you are a right or left handed. If you are left-handed use your left hand.

4. Next, locate the seam on the narrow part of the tie, also you can just start with the narrower end hanging about 30.5cm below the wider part of the tie.

5. To tie you need to wrap the thicker end of the tie over the narrower end. The ends should cross each other at the seam on the front of your tie.

6. The next step will be pulling the thicker part of the tie, so that it will be behind the narrower end and then comes around to rest on top of the narrow end of the tie. Repeat this step one more time, and then pull the thicker end through the loop that is around your neck.

7. Pull the thick end of the tie all the way from the knot. Lock it by sliding the knot up the narrower end of the tie, making it straight as you go.

Once you’ve mastered the basic method on tying a tie, you may want to explore and experiment on different kinds of knots. Some of these knots are appropriate for formal occasions and others are for a more casual gatherings. You can even have a tie with dimple. To have a tie with dimple, you just need to do a normal tie, but you need to slide your finger under the knot before you begin to tighten it, squeezing its side just a little. After tightening take your finger out and squeeze the bottom of the knot, by doing this it makes a tiny dimple directly beneath the knot. Finish tying the knot, but you should be careful not messing up your tie dimple. Carefully hold the narrower end of the tie and slide the knot upwards. Finish it by gently fluffing up the fabric on both sides of your dimple. To get regular updates, stay in touch with our blog posts at