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On your wedding you want to look your very best. You’ve found your partner in life, now it’s time to find the right wedding suit to wear when you celebrate your love for that special person.

We understand the incredible journey you are about to embark upon. From dating to becoming engaged, you are now getting married with the best yet to come.

There are many different factors involved in planning your wedding and any good, reliable vendor will work hard to ensure that the process is as stress-free and easy as possible.

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Your wedding day is the moment that you should look your sharpest. Not just for yourself but also for your bride and the pricy photographer. This is an opportunity to escape the corporate boardroom and a time to deviate from your everyday look. By wearing a three-piece not only will you elevate your suit game but it will make you the star of the wedding, second only to the bride of course.

A formal or casual suit?

This can depend on a number of factors including the tone of your wedding, the season, the time of the day the ceremony is taking place, location and, of course, you and your fiancé’s personal tastes.

As a general rule, we say that a formal suit is your best bet. However, it is very common to wear a casual suit for an outdoor or beach wedding.

What about the fabric, form and fit?

These are some of the main differences between what makes a suit formal or casual. Firstly, you want the fabric to go with the overall look of the wedding and with your brides help you can avoid getting a suit that will clash with her dress.

The form and the fit of a suit is very important because you cannot look sharp in shapeless fabric that would make Harvey Specter shake his head in shame. If you get a custom tailored suit from us this does not happen. We have tailored thousands of suits for New Zealanders, not including our experience overseas. For this reason, we are more than happy to discuss your ideas for your wedding to get you the perfect suit.

What are your wedding colours and theme?

This is usually one of the bride’s favourite parts of planning the wedding – and undoubtedly a number of her Pinterest boards are dedicated to it. We recommend discussing some of your preferred suit colours with your significant other so that all of the little details will tie together beautifully.


We are the most flexible tailors in NZ!

Getting the groom and his groomsmen all in one room at the same time can be a challenge. Often they don’t know each other, can live in different parts of the country and simply put, life can get busy.

Are you based in Auckland?

We are the most flexible suit company in the country. If you and your groomsmen live in the Auckland region we can fit and measure each of you in our new showroom. We can even visit you outside of our regular business hours to help make organizing your wedding as simple and convenient as possible.

What if your groomsmen don’t live locally?

Do your groomsmen live in Wellington or Christchurch? We regularly do measurement tours where we can arrange to look after your groomsmen as well. So if they live all around the country, we can help! If you have groomsmen that live overseas that’s not a problem either. We can send them a detailed measurement guide so that they can visit a local tailor to be correctly measured.

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What are the benefits of getting custom made?

This means that your suit is made specifically to fit YOU on your special day. Not only will your comfort be optimal for hours on the dancefloor but this guarantees that your suit will photograph well and match the colours and theme of your wedding.

Also, for the cost of our suits you will get plenty of mileage post-wedding should you go with this option.

Should you just rent a suit?

Rental suits don’t have to look cheap and used. Unlike our competitors all of our suits are in great condition, and to keep up with fashion trends we replace them after just 10 uses.

As we have tailored over 3,000 suits so we now develop and make our own rental suits. So whilst we recommend having a custom suit made to fit this is a slightly cheaper option and is still of TMS quality.


We recommend that you come in to our showroom and we can discuss your options. Following that we can arrange for all the groomsmen to come in to be measured and fitted.

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