Ready to Wear Suits and Shirts With a Difference.

Come to us for men’s suits. With our great prices, fabric range, customer service, and customer database, you will never need to buy a suit off-the-rack elsewhere again.
For bespoke tailor made men’s suits,  wedding suits, suit hire, custom shirts or tailor made trouserscontact our friendly team today.

Why our ready to wear range is better than other off the shelf companies?

  1. Our suit hire range, and ready to wear range, was the outcome of us creating over 3000 bespoke suits, around New Zealand, since 2014.
  2. As the result, we have a good set of data to come up with a set of sizes that fit New Zealanders much better than a lot of our competitions, who rely on overseas suppliers who know little about our local customers’ body shape.
  3. We also taken into account popular Pakeha, Maori, Pacifica, European, Asian, Indian body shapes and sizes to name a few before we come up with our formula.
  4. Not to mention over time, we have had a few go at re-creating this range, based on our customer feedback, to further perfection.
  5. We introduced our suit hire range from this, and after over 1000 suit hire, the general feedback was our suit hire range fit better than other places customers have tried on.

Other benefits you will get with our Ready to Wear range?

  1. We only stock a small range of products in-store for you to take away. However, you are still able to pick from the wide range of fabric that tailoring or made to measure clients can pick from.
  2. There are certain styles we can still let you choose from. Things like button shirt versus cuff link shirt, two-button jacket versus one-button jacket.
  3. At the end, each product is still carefully crafted for, by our team of tailors, so this is still not a mass-produced system. However, the wait is not as long as tailoring customers may experience.



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