This offer is only for our existing customers, who have had a suit from us before. If you are not yet a customer, why not start now?

Follow Our Simple Step-by-Step Process

  • Choose Frequency

    Pick the suit or shirt frequency that you prefer, and follow the prompts to pay.

  • Payment

    Our system will remember and charge the same amount, from the same credit card, the same day, next month until the end of the subscription.

  • Choose colour and style

    An email will be sent to you to give further instructions on picking colour and style.

  • Choose fabric

    There is no extra charge for fabrics from our standard collection. There is an extra cost for premium fabric which is charged at the end of the subscription.

  • Your garments are made

    We will notify when your suit or shirt is ready for pick-up.


  • The subscription is for you only. If you choose 4 suits per year or 12 shirts per year, then the last suits or last 2 shirts can be transferred to someone else as a gift.
  • A large size surcharge will also be added, if required, at the end of the subscription period.

Four suits a year.

One jacket and one pair of trousers every 3 months.

The last suit can be for you or can be transferred to anybody else as a gift.

$160 p.m., save up to $1476 per year.

Two suit a year.

One jacket and one pairs of trousers every 6 months.

$100 p.m., save up to $849 per year.

Twelve shirts a year.

One every month.

The last two shirts can be for you or can be transferred to anybody else as a gift.

$99 p.m., save up to $600 year year.

Four shirts a year.

One every 3 months.

$35 p.m., save up to $176 per year.

Question time?

Can I cancel anytime?

The minimum duration is 12 months. Then, you can cancel at anytime provided we have receive enough payment for the last item and we will produce this last garment before we stop.

Please Note: We have designed this to help our genuine, long term customers, who need to sort out their needs regularly and with a breeze. The software is expensive so, if you don’t want to commit for a long term, please do not sign up. Once you have signed up and cancelled, we will not guarantee to be able to put you back in the program in the future.

Why would we offer this, and at a discount?

We want to plan things ahead for our production team. Having work planned in advance give us not only a steady income but smoother production. Thus we offer a discount as a reward to our customers, who we want to build a long-term relationship with.

Can I get the same discount if I pay now?

No. Because you do not have to wait for months to get the garments, you get it very quickly after the order is placed. Also, we prefer to know that we will steadily supply you with say 12 shirts during the year, rather than providing you with 4-5 shirts now and not knowing when you will return.

Have more questions?

We’re here to help.

Get in touch.

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