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Since 2014 when we first started, we have been working with NHR closely. Until 2016 it has been 3 seasons of hard work.

Why them? We are all about supporting local clubs and they are just up the road from our operation.

Why us?

  1. No way they can get their garments off the rack from any where. The boys come with all shapes.
  2. They have always faced issue of managing a sporting team where they would finalise the team at the very end before starting a tournament. Also during the tournament, there are injuries etc that will make earning the blazer become uncertain for both the player and management.
  3. Further, organising measurement is not easy. We come to them whenever we can agree on, to measure the boys up before or after practices.
  4. We are responding to any request promptly, and always go out of our way to make this happen.
  5. In 2016, they was offered by other company to have their garments done for free, or paid us to do it. And they were still trusting us enough to give the contract to us.
  6. We was privileged as well to make clothing for the women tournament which was the first tournament ever. All the ladies were nervous to be measured by someone, as this was a new experience for them as well as many Kiwis. But the girls loved it at the end, saying it was a breeze and was much more pleasant than what they thought it was.
  7. Over the last 3 years we have measured over 300 people from NHR including chairman, board members, managements, coaches, all the way to players). And all their garments are made to measures.

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Reference: Brett Hollister (CEO of North Harbour Rugby), Peter White (Manager for Mitre10 Cub men team), Bruce Hutchinson (Manager for women team).