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Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Suit

Dressing up the groom may not be as tedious and time consuming as dressing up the bride but it is still important for the groom to look at their best while staying comfortable. Having the right designer wedding suit for your wedding is the mark of a groom’s character and style.  There are several features a groom should consider when choosing the stylish wedding suit.


Here is the Guide in Choosing a Right Wedding Suit:

Consider Your Body Type


This is the most basic rule wear something that suits your body. If you are a tall gentleman, and your bride is a bit short, you should avoid vertical lines by having shawl collar tuxedos with clean lines. If you want to have more height, choose single breasted suits or athletic groom tuxedos with a two or three button jacket. Want a slimmer look? Long breasted jackets and black tuxedos will make your body look slimmer, while double-breasted suits add more bulk.

The Perfect Fit


No matter what body type you have, you will not fill any comfort in wearing a suit if your outfit does not fit you perfectly. This is the advantage of having a tailored suit is that you are sure to get the right fit. In measuring your suit make sure that the upper arm and thighs are measured, especially if you have a muscular build. Also take into consideration the tightness of the collar, the cuffs and pants are just the right length.

Keep It Classy


In terms of being classy a tuxedo is your best choice for a formal wedding as it is an elegant and classy look. For a less formal wedding, a suit is more appropriate, but you still need to consider a certain amount of formality and charm. To obtain a classy, stylish look wear a suit or tuxedo with sharp and clean finish. Also, make sure that your jacket matches your pants.

Don’t Forget the Accessories


Accessories are important too. A groom’s outfit compared to a bride’s dress is much simpler, but there are still options on how to accessorize your outfit, such as neckwear, vest or waistcoats, cufflinks and an optional stud. Neckties and bow ties offer versatility. For example, the plainer necktie the more formal it becomes.


Some of you may not wear suits regularly, and some of you may experience discomfort when wearing one. But in a wedding the groom must feel comfortable in his suit to last through the day’s festivities. Always remember in hiring or having it made, make sure that the fabric that you will choose will feel comfortable even wearing it for a longer period of time.

Even though the spotlight will be heavily focused on the bride it is still essential that the groom looks his best as well. If you are looking for the widest range of wedding suits you can always take a look at Tailor Made Suits they have the perfect wedding suits in New Zealand.